Affordable and accurate laser engraving in Wellington

From ornate personalised jewellery and sporting trophies to unique glassware creations and engraved photos Peter Campbell Engravers is your destination for superior engraving in Wellington.
Peter Campbell Engravers specialises in hand engraving, computer engraving and laser engraving. No matter what you need done, Peter Campbell can provide the quality craftsmanship you've been looking for.

Computerised engraving

Peter Campbell Engravers can engrave any type of metal with the help of our computerised engraving machine! Peter can help you make your mark on silverware, trophies, medals, awards, pens, plaques, watches and giftware as well as stainless steel and brass objects.

Hand engraving

As one of the few hand engravers in the country, Peter Campbell Engravers specialises in engraving jewellery. Whether you want a contemporary or traditional design there's no end to what Peter can create - crests, family seals, rings, monograms and more. We can supply signet rings or jewellery or you can bring in a piece you would like engraved. Peter Campbell Engravers works with individual customers, jewellers, clubs, schools, families and businesses.

Laser engraving and cutting

Laser cutting is a versatile engraving method that can be used for everything from name badges to custom works of art. Utilising precision instrumentation that works on a microscopic level, laser engraving yields amazing results.
Peter Campbell's years of experience combined with this cutting edge technology means that he can fulfil almost any engraving request. No job is too difficult and you will find that most materials can be successfully engraved.


You can reproduce any photo onto almost any surface thanks to our laser cutting machine! Our technician is also highly skilled with Photoshop and CorelDraw, which means he can manipulate your images so they are perfect.


Wood engravings are always impressive due to the colours, the stain, the density and the resilience of the material. Just as no two pieces of wood are the same, no two wood engravings are the same. Each wood engraving is a unique artefact.
Wood is a wonderful material for laser cutting as the precision of the laser allows us to inscribe with unbelievable detail.

Plastic laminates

Plastic Laserable Laminates are able to be cut to any shape at all and make amazing clear engravings.

The laminates consist of sheets of plastic each containing 2 colours, one on the surface and another that appears when the material is engraved. The laser etches through the top layer to reveal the colour underneath. You can choose from a great selection of colours and thicknesses, including imitation metal.


At Peter Campbell Engravers , we use a special paste that allows us to engrave many different types of metal. This process results in exceptionally crisp images and text. We usually engrave images in black, but other colours are available.
Metals that are suited to engraving include stainless steel, aluminium, tin, copper, brass, pewter, chromed steel, titanium, tungsten carbide and lead-coated steel.


Many people do not realise that glass makes a fantastic engraving surface! Our laser engraving machine can etch the finest wine glasses, glass goblets, beer mugs, glass sheets, crystal blocks and more. The stunning result is similar to acid or sand etching.

Laser engraved photos

You can have your photos transferred onto various materials including wood, metal and acrylic.
Engraved photos will never fade! When we etch a photo onto an object, it transforms both the photograph and the object into something really special.


At Peter Campbell Engravers you'll discover a huge selection of trophy cups, silver plates, trophies, shields, acrylic trophies, and sports figurines.
We also carry a wide range of miniatures for trophies including: softball, swimming, athletics, netball, music, darts, tennis, squash, badminton, rugby, soccer, hockey, cricket, golf, basketball, cycling, martial arts, bowling, dancing, motor sports and more!
Choose from a variety of wooden plaques that are perfect for laser engraving. For cleaning, we highly recommend using 'Peek', a cleaning solution suitable for almost any surface.

Don't settle for less than the very best. 
Call our master engravers on 04 568 8807.

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